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Hi everyone, my name is Emma and I am from Lymm in my 30 somethings having always lived in and around the village. I decided to set up HandyEm off the back of my own experience, which is looking after my Nan. She is 90 years old, suffers from Alzheimer's, Breast cancer, and just general old age everyday things! My family and I wanted to ensure she had the most comforting care with someone she was able to trust - so in walks me and I have been doing it every morning since. 


Before I was able to take on this role full time for my Nan, we as a family did research to try and find what we thought would be the best care however we could not find a company suitable for the needs and requirements which we needed along with affordability and availability to our requirements, this got me thinking. So I thought why do I not help others?



So I began doing some research on companies that are out there and what values they follow, I couldn't find one matching what I was aiming  to provide....all whilst affordable. I too could be in the same position one day and not able to afford simple care or help. I began leaflet dropping, advertising in Lymm Life and High Legh magazine trying to spread the word that I am here....here to help!



I now run HandyEm as a personal assistant service to those who wish to have daily or occasional help or to do the things you want  help with or simply do not want to do yourself - some of the things I can't blame you! So please get in touch if you want to use my services or to find out more about what I do. My vision is to help everyone without burning a huge hole in their pockets all the while feeling comfortable in their own home and also in my company. If you are reading this far I hope to meet you soon and find out how I can help you!!

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